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    • Dynamic Characterization of Optically Controlled Semiconductor Devices 

      Berceli, Tibor; Cabon, Béatrice; Hilt, Attila; Járó, Gábor; Ladvánszky, János (1996-03-25)
      Optical control of semiconductor devices is a new area, which can be used in several applications. The dynamic behavior of these devices is a crucial problem. Reliable method for its characterization is highly needed. The ...
    • Hybrid Integration of Laser Diode Chips on a Glass Substrate 

      Cabon, Béatrice; Hilt, Attila; Vilcot, Anne; Czotscher, Konrad; Weisser, Stefan; Berceli, Tibor (1996-06-05)
      An important task in optoelectronics is to realize optoelectronic transceivers in which a laser diode chip is hybrid integrated with an an optical integrated circuit (OIC). In the paper, hybrid integration of Multi-Quantum ...