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    • On-Site Test Measurements at ZalaZONE Automotive Proving Ground for Aiding Various Research Projects 

      Vincze, Zsolt; Rövid, András (2022)
      The ZalaZONE Automotive Proving Ground can provide multiple controlled and safe test environments which becomes essential when various measurements and field tests are required for different vehicle-related scientific ...
    • Point Cloud Based Road Surface Modelling and Assessment 

      Lovas, Tamás; Baranyai, Dániel; Somogyi, Árpád (2022)
      Creating digital twins of the built environment based on point clouds broadens its application area; point clouds of buildings support BIM (Building Information Modeling) while the digital twins of road surfaces support ...
    • Predictive Maintenance in Distributed Environments 

      Sik, Dávid; Ekler, Péter; Levendovszky, János (2022)
      In this paper we present a concept to implement predictive maintenance in distributed environments. A distributed environment can involve several problems to be solved such as the different speed and frequency of data, the ...
    • Routing Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks in Smart Cities 

      Pásztor, Dániel; Ekler, Péter; Levendovszky, János (2022)
      Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are one of the most important parts of the advancements in smart city planning. The sensors provide valuable data about various metrics
    • Simulation of Road Traffic Accidents Related to ADAS Systems in PreScan 

      Kazár, Tamás Márton; Pethő, Zsombor; Vida, Gábor; Török, Árpád (2022)
      This paper describes a simulation of a specific accident reconstructed in PreScan software. Through this, we show that the PreScan software can be efficiently applied in accident reconstruction, particularly the operation ...
    • Survey on Image Based Object Detectors 

      Cserni, Márton; Rövid, András (2022)
      Sensor fusion-based detector utilizes camera sensors to solve the problem of recognizing objects and their classifications accurately. This has been proven to increase accuracy compared to single sensor detectors and can ...
    • Teleoperation with a Real-time Digital Twin 

      Remeli, Viktor; Boronyák, Ádám; Tihanyi, Viktor (2022)
      One of the state-of-the-art trends in intelligent transportation systems research is the development of real-time digital twin technologies and their applications for increased safety and autonomy on the roads. The areas ...
    • Test Automation – From Virtual Scenario Creation to Real-world Testing 

      Horváth, Áron; Tettamanti, Tamás (2022)
      As advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are continuously upgrading, the testing standards, descriptions are evolving as well. The border disappears more and more between simulation and real-world testing. For more ...
    • Testing and Validation of the FRC08 Formula Student Race Car at the ZalaZONE Automotive Test Track 

      Farkas, Zsolt (2022)
      The development and adjustment process of a race car consists of countless steps that require a lot of decisions to be made. These decisions can only be effective if we have the right amount and quality of information. A ...