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Janssen, D.
Schmets, A.J.M.
Hofland, B.
Dado, E.
Jonkman, S.N.
Dikes are designed to withstand a load, with a certain finite probability of occurrence. In case of crises regarding to flood safety, the military is expected to prevent low-laying areas against flooding. Historical attempts show that the effectiveness of emergency measures and strategies are mainly successful caused by the adequate acts of the local people in charge. Based on a literature analysis of breach development, the available time for the application of emergency measures is estimated. This paper introduces the BresDefender strategy, an emergency response strategy, used by the military, to prevent or postpone dike failure. The current BresDefender strategy is a floating pontoon, which can placed on a weakened dike section. It is expected that it can be applied during two scenario’s. In the first scenario, the BresDefender is applied during the early stages of breach formation. In the second scenario, it restores the original crest height, where overflow is expected in the near future e.g. in case of macro instability. The BresDefender is expected to stabilize the weakened dike section.
BresDefender: A potential emergency measure to prevent or postpone a dike breach.
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Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Science and practice for an uncertain future
emergency strategy
adaptive armed forces
FLOODrisk 2020 - 4th European Conference on Flood Risk Management

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