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Llasat, María-Carmen
Llasat-Botija, Montserrat
Cortès, María
Rigo, Tomeu
Moral, Anna del
Caballero, Isabel
Iglesias, Ana
Jiménez, José A.
Hydrometeorological risks are the most important natural hazard in the world. Among them, flood risk is the one that affects more population and causes the greatest damages. Their mitigation and adaptation to the impact that climate change has on them is a priority in most government agendas. However, recent reports and papers still show significant uncertainty associated with their future development. Uncertainty is still higher when we consider the interaction with society and the changes in vulnerability. Therefore, they need to be treated from a holistic perspective that integrates bottom-up (from impact and vulnerability) and top-down (from hazard) approaches in the same methodology. Besides this, the Hyogo and Sendai protocols developed by UNISDR insist in the development of adaptation measures through the improvement in risk awareness and resilience. This communication shows a holistic approach to cope with flood risk in adaptation planning, the different tools and procedures for a better empowerment of the population, and the limits of the different adaptation measures when the impact of climate change is considered. The study is focused in Catalonia located in the east of the Iberian Peninsula.
Coping with flood risk adaptation in Mediterranean countries: evidences, uncertainties, strategies and limits
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Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Science and practice for an uncertain future
FLOODrisk 2020 - 4th European Conference on Flood Risk Management

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