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Sauer, Axel
Schinke, Reinhard
Ortlepp, Regine
Papathoma-Köhle, Maria
Fuchs, Sven
Climate change is likely to cause a change in frequency and intensity of convective thunderstorms and associated heavy precipitation. Typical consequences of such events are a rapid generation of surface runoff with high flow velocities in hilly and mountainous areas as well as the unexpected and abrupt occurrence of inundation in areas currently not known as flood-prone. The mapping of such pluvial flash flood events is still a developing field especially with regard to the post-processing of raw hydrodynamic model output data. Moreover, challenges include the derivation of indicators needed for quantification and visualisation of the impact dynamics on elements at risk such as buildings and infrastructures. This is important to support the understanding of vulnerabilities including uncertainties as well as to ensure a targeted interpretation of possible consequences and planning of mitigation measures. We present a three-step approach which includes (i) the calculation of surface runoff dynamics with a 2D hydrodynamic model, (ii) the derivation of impact indicators based on the modelling results as well as (iii) the presentation and mapping of key indicators in innovative hazard maps and diagrams.
dc.subjecthydrodynamic modelling
dc.subjectimpact indicators
dc.subjectpluvial flood hazard mapping
Pluvial flooding: hazard mapping and derivation of impact indicators
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Full or partial reprint or use of the papers is encouraged, subject to due acknowledgement of the authors and its publication in these proceedings. The copyright of the research resides with the authors of the paper, with the FLOODrisk consortium.
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Science and practice for an uncertain future
FLOODrisk 2020 - 4th European Conference on Flood Risk Management

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