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    • Flash flood impacts nowcasting within the PICS project (2018-2022):  End-users involvement and first results 

      Javelle, Pierre; Payrastre, Olivier; Boudevillain, Brice; Bourgin, François; Bouttier, François; Caumont, Olivier; Charpentier-Noyer, Maryse; Ducrocq, Veronique; Fleury, Axelle; Garambois, Pierre-André; Gaume, Eric; Hocini, Nabil; Janet, Bruno; Jay-Allemand, Maxime; Lague, Dimitri; Lovat, Alexane; Moncoulon, David; Naulin, Jean-Philippe; Nicolle, Pierre; Peredo, Daniela; Perrin, Charles; Pons, Frédéric; Ramos, Maria-Helena; Ruin, Isabelle; Terti, Galateia (2021)
      Flash-flood events can have catastrophic socio-economic consequences. To reduce their impacts, it is of crucial importance to set up efficient warning systems. Although first operational flash-flood warning systems have ...