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    • How about the dikes? Managed realignment in progress at the Hedwige-Prosperpolder 

      Hoven, Kim van den; Kroeze, Carolien; Loon-Steensma, Jantsje M. van (2021)
      Managed realignment is the landward relocation of a primary flood defence line. Because of this relocation, former land re-inundates, intertidal habitats can restore and new foreshores can develop adjacent to relocated ...
    • The four components to combine flood protection with other functions 

      Marijnissen, Richard J.C.; Kok, Matthijs; Kroeze, Carolien; Loon-Steensma, Jantsje M. van (2021)
      Multifunctional flood defence systems combine flood defence functions with elements in the flood protection zone that fulfil other functions like nature, housing or agriculture. The wide range in possible combinations of ...