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    • A comparative analysis of flood damage models: lessons learnt and future challenges 

      Arrighi, Chiara; Ballio, Francesco; Carisi, Francesca; Castelli, Fabio; Domeneghetti, Alessio; Gallazzi, Alice; Galliani, Marta; Grelot, Frédéric; Kellermann, Patric; Kreibich, Heidi; Molinari, Daniela; Mohor, Guilherme S.; Mosimann, Markus; Natho, Stephanie; Richert, Claire; Schröter, Kai; Scorzini, Anna Rita; Thieken, Annegret H; Zischg, Andreas Paul (2021)
      Flood damage assessment is crucial to address the challenges of climate and socio-economic changes. Researchers and practitioners have developed several damage models to tackle local and regional situations. Particularly ...
    • On the implementation of the French methodology for flood damage assessment to economic activities. 

      Galliani, Marta; Bremond, Pauline; Grelot, Frédéric; Molinari, Daniela; Minucci, Guido; Pugnet, Lilian; Richert, Claire; Ballio, Francesco (2021)
      Flood damage assessment to economic activities is affected by a general paucity of data to both describe the strong diversity that characterises this sector and validate existing flood damage models. This study aims to ...