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    • Influence of water depth on wave overtopping 

      Van Steeg, Paul; De Ridder, Menno; Capel, Alex; Bottema, Marcel (2021)
      The wave overtopping discharge during extreme storm conditions largely determines the required crest height in dike reinforcement projects. In case of future sea level rise, crest heights should be increased significantly, ...
    • International Handbook for Emergency Response to Flood Risk: A call for collaboration  

      Vonk, Bart; Vries, Wout de; Kuijk, Eric van; Bottema, Marcel; Wentholt, Ludolph; Huijskes, Eric (2021)
      Flood emergency response is an essential component of a flood risk management strategy. Effective flood emergency response depends on implementing the appropriate measures, and on executing them correctly. The skills and ...
    • Managing drought effects on levees in England and The Netherlands 

      Bottema, Marcel; Gunn, Neil; Haastrecht, Britt van; Vonk, Bart; Hemert, Henk van (2021)
      Until quite recently, drought-related risks to levees received relatively little attention in The Netherlands and England, despite the fact that hot and dry summer periods became more common since about 1989, with 2003 ...