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    • Existing levee system economic evaluation methodology 

      Durand, Edouard; Deniaud, Yann; Patouillard, Sébastien (2021)
      In France but also in other countries, levee system network are mostly composed of old levees, modified and reinforced during the past. In France, these systems, as road network, are considered as properties and financially ...
    • The new French regulation on flood protection works: consequences on risk management 

      Tourment, Rémy; Beullac, Bruno; Deniaud, Yann; Ledoux, Patrick; Leseur, Frédéric; Mallet, Thibaut; Patouillard, Sébastien (2021)
      Following recent catastrophic floods, France issued in 2007 a first regulation on the safety of dams and levees. In 2014 a new competence has been attributed to local authorities: the management of aquatic environments and ...