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    • Current and future flood risk in the Danube region using an open loss modelling framework 

      Schröter, Kai; Steinhausen, Max; Wortmann, Michel; Lüdtke, Stefan; Hayes, Ben; Drews, Martin; Hattermann, Fred; Kreibich, Heidi (2021)
      Climate informee planning of adaptation actions requires consistent and reliable information about future risks as well as appropropriate tools and services to support comprehensive flood risk assessment and management. ...
    • Data integration for rapid flood mapping and impact assessment  

      Schröter, Kai; Lüdtke, Stefan; Eggert, Daniel; Kreibich, Heidi; Merz, Bruno (2021)
      Efficient flood disaster response and recovery need rapid flood mapping and impact assessments. Increasing amounts of data are available in near real-time from a growing diversity of sensors and data sources. Therefore we ...